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Virtual Game World is the first game room in the province of Imperia entirely dedicated to the "virtual reality" located in Via Vincenzo Monti 8/10 in Imperia. In fact, in addition to the various sectors dedicated to the different games in virtual reality, you can also try the adrenaline driving simulation experience. Drive an F1 racing car or the thrill of a rally race. Obviously there are also war and / or survival games to try in the virtual Arena where you can also play in pairs. If you have never tried virtual reality and want to live the experience of being transported into the game, here is the right opportunity !! How does it work? Our staff will help you quickly understand how to use the controllers and how to wear the display. Also attached to the structure is a break room where you can rest between one experience and another. It is possible to rent a reserved area for every type of event, birthdays and parties.



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Dynamic driving simulators

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The Virtual Arena

The Virtual Reality

The Virtual reality is a new and powerful technology that is becoming more widespread and known every day. Currently we use virtual reality in the field of entertainment, offering people highly immersive and adrenaline-fueled video games. Gamers will find themselves driving the powerful Formula 1 cars, rather than fighting monsters of various kinds in the company of friends and family, moving and fighting just as they would in reality. We believe in this technology and we want to offer our players maximum potential and top quality experience. We want everyone to have the chance to fully enjoy this technology, which is why our games room is equipped with an easy entrance for disabled people with a mobile platform.


We know the potential of virtual reality, we will not limit ourselves to entertainment, but with different projects we intend to apply this technology also in the educational and business sphere.